Dinkum Journal of Social Innovations

Dinkum Journal of Social Innovations (DJSI) is an open-access journal that publishes novel researches.

DJSI publishes original research, narrow review article, systematic analysis, empirical, competitive analyses, observational articles, content analyses, bibliographic analyses, and critical analyses covering recent advancement in social sciences and related disciplines.

About Journal

  • Abbreviation: DJSI
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Anatomization: Double-Blind Peer Review
  • Language: English
  • Access: Open Access
  • Publishers: Dinkum Publishers

Journal Scope

  • Education
  • Anthropology
  • Media Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Social psychology
  • Criminology & Law
  • History & Philosophy
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • International Relations
  • Urban Planning & Public Policy

About the Journal

We request the authors to meet the essential criteria before submitting their manuscript so that it enables us to carry on the further process conveniently without delay. Authors are requested to make sure that their article adheres to the following guidelines. Before your submission, please confirm the checklist More…

There is no submission charges, DJSI will require an article processing charge (APC) that will be billed to the correspondence author after acceptance of article. Apart from this article processing charge there are no other fees (for example submission charges, per page charges, or color charges).

The article processing charge (APC): $100

Chief Editor

  • Dr. Jon Adkisson, Utah Valley University, Orem.

Senior Editor

  • Dr. Erin Bower, University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Managing Editor

  • Dr. Erica Castle, Coastal Carolina University.


  • Dr. James Buster, University of Alabama
  • Dr. Malcolm Cooper, Athens State University
  • Dr. Robert Cort, Mississippi State University
  • Dr. Ronald Boyd, Texas Christian University
  • Dr. Adam Castle, Coastal Carolina University
  • Dr. Renee Burns, Texas Women’s University
  • Dr. Christopher Cheung, Western Carolina University
  • Dr. Chau-kiu Chamberlain, City University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Jeremiah Gerard, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Dr. Christina Anderson, Hitotsubashi, Japan
  • Dr. Mia Justin, University of Singapore
  • Dr. Linda Suddaby, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Eleanor Lockett, Warwick School, UK
  • Dr. Howard Ahmadjian, Uni of North Carolina
  • Dr. Marc Amason, Georgia University, US
  • Dr. Julia Bergh, State University,Iowa
  • Dr. Christina Anderson, University of Liverpool
  • Dr. Mc Anderson, University of St. Gallen
  • Dr. Bill Roy, City University of London
  • Dr. Emma Mudambi, Dublin City University
  • Donald Joslyn, University of Kansas.
  • Sang Hun Lu, Kyung Hee University.
  • Donna Kehn, Idaho State University.
  • Ae-Sook Kehn, Quinnipiac University.
  • Mark Hmielowski, University of Kansas.
  • Andre Joslyn, James Madison University.
  • Jihyun Kim, University of Central Florida.
  • Hakseon Kim, James Madison University.
  • Jay Harrison, Washington State University.
  • Yanqin Lim, Bowling Green State University.
  • Marissa Markel, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg.

Dinkum Journal of Social Innovations (DJSI) does not collect information from non-registered users. The data collected from registered users of this journal falls within the scope of the standard functioning of peer-reviewed journals. It includes information that makes communication possible for the editorial process; it enables collecting aggregated data on submissions and publications and tracking geopolitical and social elements of scholarly communication.

    Acceptance Ratio

    Our editorial process verify large knowledge gap and try to produce high level research work.


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    Download 91%

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